IMPORTANT CUSTOMER NOTE: DO NOT APPLY BEFORE YOU READ. - As described in the listing's description the glass has only got glue around the edges. - Please check the fit and the sensitivity of the glass before you apply, we will not be able to accept a return once the protective layer is removed. - The glue is silicone based and must be applied at the first attempt. Any reattempts will weaken the glue and the glass will not adhere anymore. It must be properly aligned then once the glued edges touch the phone it should not be lifted anymore. - The glass contains invisible to the eye conductors which pass the touch signal to the phone's screen. Sometimes a slight misplacement can cause a touch screen touch sensitivity loss(please check the fit and the Sensitivity before you remove the protective layer). - If you notice this, please go to Settings> Display> turn on “Touch Sensitivity” This option is recommended by SAMSUNG to be used with any glass protector. Please contact us in case of any questions. Thank you for choosing us!