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    Say Goodbye to Screen Glare! Do you find yourself squinting at your phone or tablet because of annoying reflections? Our anti glare screen protectors are here to help! What you get: Clearer screen, no matter the light: See everything on your screen easily, even in bright sunlight. No more fingerprints: The special matte finish keeps your screen smudge-free. Feels like paper (Optional): If you like to draw or write on your device, some of our screen protectors give you that natural paper like feel. Why hydrogel is awesome: Tough against scratches: Keeps your screen looking like new. Tiny scratches fix themselves: Makes your screen protector last longer. Easy to put on: No bubbles, fits your device perfectly. Works with your case: No need to worry about your favorite case not fitting. See better, focus better Whether you're working, gaming, or just relaxing, our anti-glare screen protectors make sure you always have a clear view of your screen.

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